1. Introduction, And Welcome


To all who have discovered this particular corner of the Internet, greetings, and I bid you welcome.

My name is James Norcross.

I must confess that the writing of this particular entry is more difficult than I envisioned. The primary reason is probably because I have already dispensed with the purpose of the entry in the first two sentences.

I was hoping to write something insightful, intriguing, and possibly entertaining. In other words, something that might entice anyone reading this initial entry to make a return visit to this page.

Naturally, as soon as that glimmer of a thought coalesced into something resembling even a semi-coherent form, the muse immediately decided that someone else was in even more dire need of inspiration, and flitted away. (Come to think of it, which of the nine sisters would be the muse of blogging, anyway?)

Perhaps this is a sign that I should simply end the entry here.

In that case, I shall end this brief entry as I began it. I bid you welcome, and I hope you will return.