18. And Now, The End Is Near?


As I mentioned once a long time ago (and quite possibly in a galaxy far, far away), I described this blog as an exercise in OCD.  When I create an entry, I am posting it to four blogging sites simultaneously — Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, and WordPress.  Part of the reasoning behind this decision was a desire to make it available to as wide an audience as possible.  Another part was using this as a way to understand the intricacies of each blogging platform.

It seems that I may have been more foresighted than I realized.  Those of you reading this on Xanga already know of what I speak, so this is for those reading one of the other sites.  Several weeks ago, it was announced that Xanga would be changing at the end of this month.  Indeed, there is the distinct possibility that it may disappear completely.  In any event, it seems that my next entry may be posted to only three sites instead of four.

If something does happen to Xanga, I shall be . . . disappointed, to say the least.  I think I mentioned this previoiusly, but I have found the Xanga interface the easiest to use of all four sites.  On the other hand, I do have an advantage over most of my fellow Xangans.  I have been reading various notifications of where people are relocating their blogs.  Most of the migration seems to be to WordPress.  Well, I am already there.  Or here, as the case may be.

I have no idea what will happen in a few days.  I shall hope for the best; at least I have already planned for the worst.



5. The Multiple Learning Curve


This endeavor, as the saying goes, is a learning experience.  As in the sense of a button I saw years ago, which said, “Oh, NO!  Not another learning experience!”

If I mention one other datum, you might have a better idea comprehending my initial statement.  This endeavor is also an exercise in OCD.  These entries are crossposted to four different blogging sites — Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogspot, and WordPress, not to mention that notifications of new entries are posted to my Facebook page.  Learning the various quirks of each site, and trying to overcome said quirks, can be just a little . . . well, I would have to say that the feeling is somewhere between “irritating” and “annoying.”

Getting things to look the way I want on each site has probably been the first learning curve.  As you might well imagine, each of the sites has its own ways for customizing the look of an individual blog.  So far, Xanga has been the easiest to nudge, tweak, or otherwise sledgehammer into looking the way I want.  I selected its most no-frills approach, and after that, it was merely a matter of adjusting the colors.  I may still need to adjust a color or two a little, but I think I have that site looking the way I like it.

With LiveJournal, I believe I may have looked at just about every theme they offer before I selected one — and looked through them again when I decided that I did not like my first choice after all.  I need to adjust the color on the links, but I believe that it should not be too difficult a task.

I am still trying to find a look that I like on both Blogspot and WordPress.  I have not yet found anything that I can say that I like; it is more a case of going with something that I do not overly dislike.  I may have to spend a few hours looking at all the alternatives on each site, then seeing how I might be able to customize a choice.

(Incidentally, if you are curious enough to wonder how each site looks, that can be easily satisfied.  My username on each site is the same — “jamesnorcross.”  Simply go to the address bar of your browser, and replace the site where you are currently viewing — be it Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogspot, or WordPress — with one of the others.)

While getting the look right for each site has been interesting, I have been more surprised by how the last two entries looked when I posted them.  I write the entry first, then copy and paste the text into a “New Entry” page on each site.  And I adjust the time so that it is the same for each site.  (I did mention that this was an exercise in OCD, did I not?)

When I posted “Sum Qui Sum, Et Qui Omnis Sum,” the entry included the code for the results of the online quiz I took.  With Xanga and LiveJournal, the images of the results posted just as I thought they would.  With Blogspot and WordPress, however, the images did not appear.  Instead, what you see are the blocks of code that should have been translated into the images.  There must be a simple reason why everything did not post correctly, but I am still trying to determine what that reason might be.

I had a different surprise when I posted “The Pledge, According To Red And The Duke.”  Each site handles the posting of links a little differently.  LiveJournal makes the links automatically; Xanga and Blogspot need a little nudging to change plain text into a link.  The big surprise was when the entry posted on WordPress.  Instead of the expected links, what actually appeared were the videos from YouTube.

As I said, I am trying to master multiple learning curves at the same time, and hoping that I will not be too surprised by what I might see once I click the “Save” button.